Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear –

This is the fun part! Take time to plan things out. Good choice can take an image to a new level. Always feel free to contact me if you need any styling suggestions/ In the meantime, here are a few guidelines that can help you with your choices :

Coordinate, but don’t match!

Choose 2 colours and use shades/tones within those colours. If you feel like you need more variety, add a third colour.

Start with the hardest person to dress. Once you find something you love for that person, Build off that.

Stick to solids and subtle patterns. You don’t want to distract from your subject – your family!

Avoid large patterns, stripes, and chunky accessories.

Check your socks – they may show in your photos, so make sure they match.

Do I bring props?

Please feel free to bring along any props you have that you particularly associate with yourself or your children. This could be a hockey stick for a sports enthusiast, to a guitar for the more musically minded. A hooded towel for babies and for children, we have a few colourful items in the studio, but please feel free to bring a few of your own favourite toys

If you play an instrument or have a favourite sport related props can help personalise the image and create a lasting memory. Family pets are welcome additions to photography sessions, so a quick groom may even be in order!