When to book your newborn photography session?


Booking a photographer to capture the baby’s newborn stage is in the to-do list for many expecting parents. But not all the parents think it needs to be done way in advance before the baby arrives. We often get last minute inquiries asking our availability for their newborn baby. It is almost quite late to book a newborn photography session when your baby has already arrived. Although I will do my upmost best to fit you in within our short time frame.

So here is why to book your new-born photography session in advance.

This is something a lot of new parents ask: How can I even book a session when I don’t even know when the baby is going to arrive??? My baby could arrive early or late. That is true. Unless you will have a scheduled c-section, you won’t know exactly when your baby will arrive.

We take a marking of your due date, and we offer you a date 5-7 days from your due day. This way I have a time scale that baby will be on making his appearance soon. I do ask you keep us informed if baby has arrived early to let us know as soon as possible.


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